I got an idea snow! lol AlLEN INVASION PART THREE.
If you want to do this delte this comment and save the writing and we will plan a date.
Alien aka zoe: Hi snow
Snow; get away from me and lime you beast!
Zoe: no snow Im on a diet now. I dont eat meat.Or fur.
Snow: ok then.
Zoe: Lets go swimming!
* at cove *
Snow has on trendy, wizard hat with lime at side in swimsuit.
Snow not looking at zoe: So we declared no war?
Zoe attempting to grab lime: Yep
Snow asleep: ZZZZZ zzzzzz ZzZzZ
Zoe: Ha ha ha
Lime is gone in next scence
Snow wakes up
Snow: wheres lime?
Zoe: I saw him run out.Next planerl: Wait here and close your eyes Im bringing a suprise.
Next pannel is black
Zoe: Im full.
To be countied


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Me and kmamrosh are still here. Zoe didnt even think of deleting us or the pages. 😡 Maybe the admins should take over

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We moved!

Sorry, this site no longer is avalibe our new site is http://www.shootingstarz.wordpress.com or for a harder way there type it in.

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